Discipline begets discipline.

I have been reading the book Quitter by Jon Acuff and the first chapter deals with the idea of not quitting your day job to pursue your dream job. He enters into a discussion about weight gain and loss near the end of the first chapter. This opens the floor for a discussion on self discipline.
Acuff brings to light the well known, but often ignored, concept that discipline in one area of your life creates discipline in other areas. His argument builds on the concept that men need purpose and direction in their career in order to become disciplined in other areas of their life. Rarely does one find someone in their midlife who works a part time job that has the rest of their life going smoothly. Ladies, Acuff acknowledges your need for work too, but points out that men define themselves by their career.
The thing is that this just doesn’t apply to career. If we are sloppy in the way that we handle or weight loss or health goals then we shouldn’t be surprised when we do not reach them. Discipline creates a ripple effect through our lives that allows us to begin to get everything else in order and come out a happier person on the other side. We have to start disciplining ourselves in small ways in order to build a bigger effect our lives. I realize that this means a mountain of changes for most of us, but honestly they are changes for the better. Start with something as simple as going to bed earlier or changing what you drink during the day. Discipline begets discipline.

Food intake (10-11-11 as of 3 PM)


Banana and handful of almonds, Apple Cider


Golden Delicious Apple (my favorite)


We had a group lunch at the office today as people were working to pack up boxes to send to children in Honduras. 

Homemade beef and vegetable soup, small piece of cornbread, Apple juice

Small serving of homemade banana pudding.

Office snacking: Just apple juice to drink…

You may be asking yourself why I am drinking so much apple juice and eating on so many apples. I’m going to do a gallbladder flush and the apple juice helps to soften the gallstones present. Not to mention prep the body for the flush. WHat? It is TMI Tuesday....


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No amount of training or cardio will fix a poor diet.

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How To Always Eat Clean


Wash your food.

Read this article by Alan Aragon titled, The Dirt on Clean Eating.

Your body sees this:

Not if it’s a poptart, broccoli, pizza, sweet potato or a muffin.

Certain food items have different micro-nutrient values, but don’t fear this whole clean vs. dirty business when it comes down to it. There’s no reason to.

The body is no respecter of foods… It’s fuel.


GPOYW: The here is proof I’m doing something edition followed by the I just got my butt handed to me edition

and then I jacked my feet up and quit…. I needed these reminders…

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Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Diet

1 year anniversary….(June goals)

I started this whole journey almost a year ago to the day. I had decided after several months of feeling like complete crap that I was tired of the way I was living. Changes were things that I knew that I needed to do and that came quite naturally. I cut out sodas, spent as much time as I could outside, never passed up an opportunity for physical activity, and ate 3 meals a day. I made sure I ate breakfast first thing when I woke up to ensure that my metabolism stayed moving, and found time to de-stress in the morning. I a single month I tore off almost 40 pounds, and for the last year I’ve been maintaining that weight loss. 

It hasn’t been an easy year. I’ve lost almost all of my close friends due to life just happening and them having to move away. I’ve become isolated and feel alone much of the time. This has had a damaging effect on my mental well being. I have struggled with money problems and have found myself highly unmotivated in my work. I have become apathetic towards life because I feel like I am trapped. Trapped in a cage of standards that others set, and that I can never break free from. I don’t feel like I can be myself. Then I encountered this community of people here on Tumblr back in February. I had slowly started following a few blogs here and there, but I had a new found resurgence in my health. However, life kicked me in the tenders a few more times and left me maintaining my current weight.

I’m tired again. Tired of not being able to do what others can, tired of carrying around a whole other person (both physically in weight and the fake self I’m expected to maintain), and tired of being miserable. I’m ready to become the man that I know I am and long to be inside. I made the biggest changes in my life last june and I’m ready to do the same again this June. Over the course of this month, I hope to eat better by cutting sugars, upping the amount of whole and natural foods, working hard with low impact exercise, and drinking half my body weight in ounces of water each day. This along with great sleeping habits and taking nutritional supplements will hopefully gain me the same results that I turned out last year. If this is the case, I will be looking at dropping my weight down close to 300 lb. by the end of the month. This morning I weighed 344 lb (a loss of 2 for the week). 

Thank you all for your patience and support, but know that I will need more encouragement as the month goes on to prevent any slipping into older habits. I love you guys and thanks for the inspiration that you provide!

Deeper reasons for improving my health…

My mom had to go to the doctor yesterday. Her blood pressure was 180/100. They have kept her on a constant cycle of medication to keep her blood pressure down but nothing has really seemed to work. The doctor told her yesterday that her weight has alot to do with this and that she needs to have a better dietary plan. I’ve been telling her this for almost a year. She maintains that she should be able to eat whatever she wants because her parents did the same thing and they were “fine”. She forgets that her father lost his legs to a combination of neuropathy and diabetes, and that her mother had multiple battles with cancer. 

I have to show her that a healthy diet and regular exercise pay off. Right now I struggle with what Dave Ramsey calls the “Powdered Butt Syndrome”. If someone has powdered your butt, they don’t value your opinion. I have to transform myself so that I can inspire my mother to transform herself. Deeper than that I don’t want to struggle with the medical problems that my mother is facing now. I want to live a happy and healthy life, and I want her to be around for that too. I just wish she would be willing to give all this a try.

I have a question for people who have followed Robb Wolf’s month long nutrition plan from the Paleo Solution

I’m trying to budget in some money to spend on groceries per week and I’m just curious how much did you spend per week.

So, how much did you end up spending on groceries per week or what was the average that you spent on groceries following the plan?