Taste of a Southern Summer: Strawberry Shortcake #food #foodie #CheapAndTasty  (at Macon Manor)

Taste of a Southern Summer: Strawberry Shortcake #food #foodie #CheapAndTasty (at Macon Manor)

Tonights gourmet meal: Simple Sausage,onions, and peppers with cheese grits. #Southern #food  #CheapAndTasty  (at Macon Manor)

Tonights gourmet meal: Simple Sausage,onions, and peppers with cheese grits. #Southern #food #CheapAndTasty (at Macon Manor)

Is it just me?

Or are apples, while simple, one of the greatest fruits ever?

Lose the weight to be a happier, healthier, more fit YOU. Not an unhealthy, puny, miserable imitation of some picture you found in a magazine.

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New Study Suggests We Really Are What We Eat

How To Always Eat Clean


Wash your food.

Read this article by Alan Aragon titled, The Dirt on Clean Eating.

Your body sees this:

Not if it’s a poptart, broccoli, pizza, sweet potato or a muffin.

Certain food items have different micro-nutrient values, but don’t fear this whole clean vs. dirty business when it comes down to it. There’s no reason to.

The body is no respecter of foods… It’s fuel.

A Prairie Home Companion replay and making homemade healthy chicken soup…

Tonight will be a good comforting night at home…

Birthday lunch….

Meat and 2 from a new place in town called The Cook’s Market.

There is nothing like true homestyle southern cooking. The great thing about this place is that they make all of their stuff from scratch and sell it for a reasonable $6. The menu also changes from day to day so there is always something new each time you go in. 

Today’s lunch:

1 cup chicken and broccoli casserole

1/2 cup hashbrown casserole

1/2 cup seasoned and sauteed squash (this was my favorite thing on the plate)

1 homemade dinner roll

16oz Sweet Tea (bad I know)

I will definitely hit this place up again in the future.

1 year anniversary….(June goals)

I started this whole journey almost a year ago to the day. I had decided after several months of feeling like complete crap that I was tired of the way I was living. Changes were things that I knew that I needed to do and that came quite naturally. I cut out sodas, spent as much time as I could outside, never passed up an opportunity for physical activity, and ate 3 meals a day. I made sure I ate breakfast first thing when I woke up to ensure that my metabolism stayed moving, and found time to de-stress in the morning. I a single month I tore off almost 40 pounds, and for the last year I’ve been maintaining that weight loss. 

It hasn’t been an easy year. I’ve lost almost all of my close friends due to life just happening and them having to move away. I’ve become isolated and feel alone much of the time. This has had a damaging effect on my mental well being. I have struggled with money problems and have found myself highly unmotivated in my work. I have become apathetic towards life because I feel like I am trapped. Trapped in a cage of standards that others set, and that I can never break free from. I don’t feel like I can be myself. Then I encountered this community of people here on Tumblr back in February. I had slowly started following a few blogs here and there, but I had a new found resurgence in my health. However, life kicked me in the tenders a few more times and left me maintaining my current weight.

I’m tired again. Tired of not being able to do what others can, tired of carrying around a whole other person (both physically in weight and the fake self I’m expected to maintain), and tired of being miserable. I’m ready to become the man that I know I am and long to be inside. I made the biggest changes in my life last june and I’m ready to do the same again this June. Over the course of this month, I hope to eat better by cutting sugars, upping the amount of whole and natural foods, working hard with low impact exercise, and drinking half my body weight in ounces of water each day. This along with great sleeping habits and taking nutritional supplements will hopefully gain me the same results that I turned out last year. If this is the case, I will be looking at dropping my weight down close to 300 lb. by the end of the month. This morning I weighed 344 lb (a loss of 2 for the week). 

Thank you all for your patience and support, but know that I will need more encouragement as the month goes on to prevent any slipping into older habits. I love you guys and thanks for the inspiration that you provide!